Complete link building solutions for websites of all sizes.

Save Time – We Do It All

Whether you want to rank a small site for a single keyword or need an exhaustive monthly link building strategy, we have you covered with professionally designed multi-tiered campaigns for any site.


Stay On The Cutting Edge

We have our finger on the pulse of the link building industry. We use only the latest proven methods and are constantly evolving. Never get left behind the competition again.


Never Over-Pay Again

Our next-generation infrastructure allows us to offer top of the line link building services at rock-bottom prices as low as 1.2 cents per link. Kiss your traditional SEO company goodbye.

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How We Build Links

We Use A Proprietary Multi-Tiered System That Your Competition Simply Cannot Match

We have developed a system that builds the exact kind of links to your site that the search engines are looking for. All of our links:

  • Are from high quality sites (high authority and high PR)
  • Are from varied C-Class IP addresses
  • Are embedded within a block of quality related content
  • Use perfect anchor text
  • Come from a variety of different TYPES of sites and pages
  • Are built over time with a natural link velocity

After building hundreds of high quality links directly to your site, we take it a step further. The links that were built to your site are then blasted with tens of thousands of automated links from all over the web. This allows for maximum link indexation and linkjuice flowing to your site from multiple tiers of links.

For those of you who are concerned that tens of thousands of links may damage your rankings, have no fear- none of those links will EVER point directly to your site. This eliminates any possibility of your site receiving a penalty for taking advantage of the extreme power of this massive link blast.

Our Results - Case Studies

Case Study: New E-Commerce Site

Our first case study tracks the e-commerce site of one of our monthly clients from late 2010 to June 2011. While we have to keep the identity of the site private to protect their rankings, they graciously provided us with the Google Analytics data for this site so we could show the incredible effect of our link building campaigns.

The Stats

  • Date: November 2010 – June 2011
  • Campaigns: 15 Basic Monthly Campaigns
  • Total Spent On Link Building: $16,000
  • Total Profit From Link Building: $50,957.31
  • Link Building ROI: 318%
  • Total Additional Visitors From Link Building: 43,221

The Graphs

Link Building Profit

This graph shows the cost of the link building ($2,000 per month) compared to the profit from additional search engine traffic over the same period. As the graph shows, this site was seeing additional profits from their monthly link building campaigns starting in the first month, and the profits kept growing over time until they are pocketing nearly $7,000 per month in additional profit in June!

Link Building Search Traffic

This graph compares the traffic from search engines from October 2010 (before our campaigns began) to the traffic from search engines in June 2011. Because of this additional search traffic, they were able to make the astonishing additional profits shown above.

Link Building Rankings Over Time

This graph displays the number of keywords the site is ranking for in the top 10 over time. So for example, in November the site was ranking in the top 10 for fewer than 20 keywords, but by the end of June was ranking in the top 10 for over 80 keywords that were all sending them targeting buyers!

This site made $50,000 in profit from using Outsourced Links… What about you?

Why Our System Is So Effective

We Give Your Site Exactly The Links That Google Craves

High Quality Unique Content

All of the content used in our link building systems is written by professional SEO copywriters based in the USA. This content is the heart of our success and we make sure it is done exceptionally well every time.

Randomly Selected Link Sources

Two people that order the same link package from us will NEVER get links from exactly the same sites. This makes all of the links appear 100% natural, leaving your competition wondering how you rose to the top so fast.

Controlled Link Velocity

We build the links to your site following strategic time frames to insure your link profile seems completely natural while being extremely strong. This is a process that we have perfected over years of testing that is unmatched.